At Carol’s Daughter

photographed by Danielle Walker

photographed by Danielle Walker

Before Thanksgiving, I took a trip over to a Carol’s Daughter vendor in the Brooklyn Atlantic Terminal mall. At the kiosk, the assistant manager (pictured above, with Carol’s Daughter product in-hair) told me about her own preference for at-home haircare.

She also revealed how much customers love shopping on-line and how the web’s accessibility can help save time and money.

Alot of people shop on HSN. We don’t even really give out catalogues anymore,” said the 23-year-old assistant manager. “We can’t keep things on-line. In the recession, people do more in the house- they cocoon themselves.”

A 2007 article also talks more about the benefits of shopping online:

“Savvy consumers today come to the store knowing as much, and sometimes more, about products and prices than those who actually work in the store. Armed with Internet-based information, this new breed of wired consumers often winds up with greater values than their fellow shoppers.

A new study by eMarketer predicts that 139 million Americans age 14 and older, or 78.5 percent of Internet users, will shop online in 2007, and this percentage is expected to rise to 80 percent by 2011. Moreover, the $1,000 average that each online shopper will spend this year will likely rise to $1,295 by 2009.”


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  1. ~Back to Curly~ says:

    lol…met her just the other day…real nice and helpful! They just introduced a new line of fragrances that are yummo!!

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