Buy Black- Buy Quality- Do It Yourself

Carol's Daughter Collection-Gorgeous Hair Tui

Carol's Daughter - Gorgeous Hair Tui Collection

Black-owned hair care businesses, like Carol’s Daughter and Miss Jessie’s, help keep black dollars in the community. Also, the benefit of shopping for products – made specifically for and by black women – gives consumers a chance to save long-term through buying quality over quantity.

Learning to care for tresses at home, is also another means of saving money and utilizing quality hair care products for yourself. Black women could greatly benefit from taking control of these markets that are specific to them, especially since the market depends largely on black consumers and their spending power.

I came across a 2007 article (from the New Pittsburgh Courier Online) that talks about the need for African American consumers to buy black:

BOBSA founder, Sam Ennon, said one of the biggest hurdles has been overcoming the Korean middleman.

“We have to buy directly from Koreans, and they don’t want to sell to us,” he said. Ennon said there are currently 9,000 beauty stores controlled by Korean wholesalers, only 1,000 of them are Black-owned.

Despite this, the Hunter-Miller Group, a Black-owned market research firm, reports that Blacks account for 30 percent of all hair care product purchases.

“The average annual expenditures by African-Americans on health and beauty aids are 11.2 percent higher than all races, estimated around $6 billion,” reported a market snapshot on Hunter-Miller’s Web site

In 2005 Blacks spent less on transportation, computers and books than on personal care products and services according to Target Market News.


Stewart Cohen/Blend Images/Corbis


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  1. Amina says:

    that is exactly what they were saying on the Meet the faith “Black Beauty”. I support black owned businesses since they work soo hard and the quality is incredible!

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