Dani’s Do it or Lose it List : Hair Mayonnaise Deep Conditioner

I’m going to start a segment on products that I use and love. “Do it or Lose it” is just IMO and what helps MY hair to thrive (and not break). BUT OF COURSE, I wouldn’t be sharing these items with you ladies unless i thought they might greatly benefit your hair too ;>

Sooo…. My first entry for the “Do it, or Lose it List” MUST go to one of my favorite deep conditioners. This dc leaves my hair SO soft and manageable and it’s also great for stopping breakage.


My hair loves Organics Hair Mayo. I simply wash my hair and instead of my regular conditioner I’ll distribute this evenly through wet hair, put on a shower cap, and sit under the hooded dryer for 10-15 min before washing the dc out.

I do this (when I’m good) once a week or every two weeks. But I recommend this as a treatment to help bolster anyone’s hair moisture level. It’s packed with protein and the heat gives this treatment an extra punch!

Hope this helps!


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