Heat Damage: Not Cute and Not Healthy to Boot!

Even the mannequin knows whats up.

Even the mannequin knows whats up.

Okay….every now and then a little heat is okay to give you the results you are trying to achieve. BUT too much heat will definitely kill your hair (especially black hair being that it is so fragile).

I admit that I have been guilty of overheating my hair over the years, but over the past several months I’ve been laying off the flat iron and I’ve seen alot of progress in my hair.

So! How do you achieve straight looks without the damage?

Rollerset, Rollerset, Rollerset….Then Get Under the Dryer!

A hooded dryer supplies you with heat, BUT INDIRECT HEAT which does not cause hair wreckage like, flat irons, curling irons, blow dryers, etc

This technique DOES take some practice, but your hair will have swing, body, and shine.

I’ve added a youtube video I found for those of you who’d rather see about it, than read about it ;>

FYI : the shorter your hair the smaller the roller.

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