Hair Mavens: Rachel True


Remember that show Half and Half on UPN? Well if you watched, it was pretty hard to miss Rachel True’s mane! One thing I like about her hair is the
color. The right color (or color combo) can sometimes be a hard thing to achieve.

Here’s a segment of an interview with the actress (from BlacTress magazine):

Rachel True on her hair color:

I like to get my hair highlighted with color for a couple of reasons. My natural hair color is quite dark and on camera it tended to look like a big black mop around my head. With highlights added, I get depth and dimension, as opposed to a solid flat look. My hair is naturally curly and fine, so I don’t need to use a relaxer or texturizer. For me, it’s pretty much wash and go, but since I do color my hair, I’m very good about getting regular deep conditioning treatments at a salon. I also prefer to wear my hair in it’s curly state, because straightened hair requires so much work. I think I look weird with straight hair, or maybe it’s just that I don’t like how it changes the look of my face.

On her natural hair:

I’ve got big, wild hair and I use to fight it. Now I embrace it!

Here’s some more pics of the star:

Wanna read more on Rachel’s makeup and hair routines?


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2 Responses

  1. Amina says:

    i looove her hair!
    I miss that show and still don’t understand why they stopped airing it!

  2. i really like to color my hair and i would love to try different hair colors specially auburn ~`’

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