Hair Mavens: Amel Larrieux


Today’s hair maven is the lovely Amel Larrieux. From the days of Groove Theory to her mellow tracks like “For Real,”  the soul songtress has been an inspiration for both her musical talent and her natural mane.

Here’s part of an interview from the singer (found at She speaks on her own hair regimen and how she cares for her thick locks:

“I wear my hair natural and I have to stay on top of it. I am very much into lubricating my hair. I use different hair oils and pomades and I only wash my hair every two to three weeks,” Larriex says.

One of her favorite hair products is Monoi de Tahiti, a coconut oil with coconut extract directly from Tahiti, which she uses to oil her hair and scalp. She also uses Indian hemp as a pomade…

After washing her hair at night, she oils her scalp, puts a bit of oil on her hair, then sections and braids her hair in two, four, sometimes six braids. She says the process protects and sets the hair. In the morning she takes out the braids and runs her fingers though her hair to create a wavy effect.

“It’s as simple as that,” she says. “When I go to shoots I tell the stylists not to touch my hair because it is the way I like it.”

Wanna read more about Amel’s beauty regimen??  Click the link:

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3 Responses

  1. Janine says:

    Love her hair. I’m also washing my hair every other 2 weeks thnx to her. AND am only using oils:Olive and Argan oil. I need to find the Monoi de Tahiti and since im allergic to coconuts i might use it once a month as a hair treatment.

    Not a bad idea right?

  2. RaJeene says:

    I am glad to know what she does to her hair my daughter has hair like her’s and I simply didn’t know how to keep it up but I will try this out and go from there thanks Amel

  3. Christina says: has a full interview on her talking about these hair tips.

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