Since we’re talking about hair breakage, I thought it might help to do a post on my favorite comb.

The Jilbere Shower Comb is great! I’m in the process of transitioning to natural, and this comb is great for my hair when it is wet and dry. If you have thick hair (mine is ridiculous), than this comb is a must have.

Trust me. There will be no more hair on the bathroom floor or sink.  And once your done, you can hang it right back in your shower or on your bathroom bar.

You can get this comb for  $2-3 at any Sally Beauty Supply store (or even online). If you haven’t heard about this comb yet “you GOT to do better!” lol

Better late than never though!


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  1. Amina says:

    I hate combs!! lol…I always break them, no matter how much I coat my hair with conditioner, it always when I stopped combing, I started retaining more length…
    fingers were my comb!!
    but then my hair was dying to lock so i was like hey…let’s do it :)

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