Viqi French photograph

Viqi French photograph

Since we are on the subject of children and relaxers, I thought an article I found on might come in handy.

To break it down simply, writer Talibah Newman made a list of 10 Reasons NOT to relax children. I have trimmed some of her points down, but you still get the gist. Even though these concerns are specific to children, I’m quite sure that this list would make any adult think twice before relaxing too!

Ten Reasons Not to Buy Lye or “No Lye” Relaxers for Children

1) Self Hatred is a deadly disease.

2) Lye Relaxers are subject to cause alopecia areata and male patterned baldness in 60% of men women and children who use Lye Relaxers on a normal basis say once every four weeks.

3) A child’s head is not strong enough to handle a lye relaxer.

4) Though the combination in “no lye” relaxers results in less scalp damage than lye relaxers the damage to the scalp can potentially be the same if not used properly.

5) The FDA lists hair relaxers and hair dyes among its top consumer complaint areas.

6) Lye and No Lye Relaxers can cause severe burns when irresponsibly placed on the scalp of a child.

7) The hair is made up of protein and this protein is necessary to promote the growth, strength, and health of the hair. Hair relaxers and perms destroy the protein that makes up the hair by rearranging and breaking the bonds that hold the hair in its natural shape.

8 ) Hair Relaxers are expensive and the price paid for using them incorrectly is non refundable and irreversible in most cases.

9) The time, patience, and treatment of a child with alopecia areata damage caused from extensive use of permanents is immense and oftentimes discouraging.

10 ) The period of age 5-12 is a very crucial time for child development and when a child has low self esteem due to poor self image during this time the results are often times difficult to reverse.

Want to see this list in detail? Follow the link.

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  1. Amina says:

    My first relaxer was at age 9 and I know many girls in my family get them at age 6 or even 3!
    The problem is that no one questions whether the relaxer is bad or not, it is something that everyone does

    Actually growing up natural hair was only for primary girls and when I went natural, most of my friends were shocked!!

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