Hair Mavens: Esperanza Spalding


Our newest Hair Mavens addition is the multi-talented Esperanza Spalding.

The bass player/jazz singer started playing the bass at the young age of 14 , and began writing/singing at about 15. Not only is Esperanza known for her skill and grace on the bass- a relationship which she describes as “waking up one day and realizing you’re in love with a co-worker” – but she also turns heads with her awesome crown of kinks and curls. did an interview with the artist on her hair care routine:

ymib: What things do you like to do to keep your spirit, beauty, and health balanced?…Also, being that we celebrate Natural beauty here on ymib, we would love to now how you take care of your beautiful natural curls(any favorite products/regimens, etc.)?

Esperanza: Well, I try to meditate as many mornings as possible, and I run at least 3 times a week. keeping a sugar-free diet and drinking LOTS of water keeps me feeling good and healthy. For my curls, I use an Organic Jojoba Conditioner and pure olive oil. They seem to like those two things.

Want to read more of the interview? Click the link.

YMIB.COM – Esperanza interview

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6 Responses

  1. Amina says:

    She’s soo gorgeous!

  2. nicole washington says:

    My boyfriend and I sat together watching her play for the President and we saw her on letter man …we both fell in love with her style .

  3. JouJou Louix says:

    I looooooove her, so talented and amazing. She is also my hair inspiration.

  4. Germán says:

    Me encantó escuchar su álbum en la hjck de Bogotá.Además es muy linda.

  5. […] Hair Maven Esperanza Spalding was killing em at the BET Awards with her fabulous fro. Loved her arrival look – and her performance was a charming match: cool and confident. […]

  6. hair care should also be supplemented with oral vitamins and minerals, biotin helps a lot in making healthy hair .-‘

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