A STEP TOO FAR: Bull Conditioner? Bull Crap!


Oh, the Bull.

A CosmeticsDesign article featured a prime example of taking beauty TOO FAR. In 2007, Louise Prance wrote on an unusual beauty regimen practiced in a UK hair salon: using bull semen as a protein treatment.

Now, we all want healthy hair, but this is something that can happen when you get carried away. Natural is great…but to a certain extent!

Don’t believe it?? Here’s some more info on the treatment offered at Hari’s Salon in London:

The treatment, which takes 45 minutes and involves a mixture of bulls semen and katira plant root extract being massaged into the hair, could well be the start of a trend within the cosmetics industry, with the protein element also thought to be beneficial in skin care formulas.

Indeed, the trend may well have started with Norwegian based company Maritex who stated that it was the main producer of Cod sperm for use in cosmetic products.


Apparently some women were adventurous enough to try this method, but I can assure you that there are about 101 protein treatments that can work for your hair…without giving you There’s Something About Mary flashbacks!

This goes to show you– where there’s a will, there’s an unusual and overpriced way ;>

For the full article, click the link:



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