Is Your Hair a Trend...or Just the Truth?

Is Your Hair a Trend...or Just the Truth?

A very insightful article from  Naturally You! online magazine delved into women’s thoughts about natural hair. Is it a fad or a revolution?

Farika Broadnax’s piece mentions the results of a poll. Alot of black women shared their perspectives on the matter:

Eighty-one percent of those polled said that natural hair is not a fad but a phenomenon for the present and future Black woman and man. One visitor indicated, “I don’t believe it can be a fad when you had natural hair before you had relaxed hair…It’s like saying are brown eyes a fad after people have worn colored contact lenses for years.” Another respondent, who agreed that natural hair is here to stay stated, “I think more and more women are realizing it’s a good health choice and that having natural hair is not so hard to manage as they once thought.”

One poll answer revealed an interesting perception about the blurred line between fad and tradition and how one can be a result of the other by commenting, ” If you’d asked me this question about five years ago, I would have said ‘yes’ (natural hair is a fad). However, I think what started as a fad has become a genuine ‘let me be who I was created to be.'”

Some pretty great points made, in my opinion. And even if natural hair has had a wave affect on black women…who cares?!

Who says a fad or trend can’t be the start of something healthy? Perhaps raising the bar?

What are your thoughts on natural hair? Is it a trend? Is this where we should have been all along? Is natural hair a scarcity where you live?

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Follow the link for the full story:

Naturally You!


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7 Responses

  1. My hair is my crown… and that’ll never disappear… and if they’re ppl who think their “natural” hair is a ‘fad’ just goes to show how the lack character.

  2. Danielle says:

    true. if anything, i’d call a choice to go natural a realization moreso than a fad or trend… but to each his own opinion.

  3. Nikki says:

    i’ve only been natural for a year, but i wouldn’t say that it’s a fad. that’s like saying that fitness is a fad. having natural hair is more of a lifestyle change than anything else. it requires a good amount of research and it changes the way that you think of your hair and what you put into your body.

  4. Claritta says:

    I discovered that I could go without perming my hair in 2002. Haven’t looked back since. Always hated the whole processm but never knew it was not a necessity of life. Not a fad for me. Wearing my hair natural is just what I do. My choice and there is no alternative for me now.

  5. Meenoy says:

    I must of started a fad in 1968! Yes, I am 40 and still loving my hair, and even though I have enjoyed wearing my hair in weaves, braids, dreadlocks, wigs, extensions, etc…. I will always be grateful for my beautiful curly hair.

  6. Crystal says:

    I dont understand how natural hair could ever be seen as a fad. It is just part of you. That would be like saying your nails are a fad or your skin. Maybe my confusion comes from the fact that i have only relaxed my hair twice both times for a fad (Aaliyah the first time Halle Berry the second) only to grow bored with the the style/fad and go back to my normal hair.

    • blackstrands says:

      thanks for sharing Crystal,

      I agree. if anything, the whole idea that natural is “back” just shows how long its taken for some people to get back (and grow accustomed) to their natural kinks, coils, curls, etc

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