photo by: Danielle Walker

On the subject of natural and organic products, I thought I’d mention Sephora. I was pretty impressed with their website, which actually defines in detail what “natural” and “organic” means in the beauty industry.

After speaking with a store manager, I found that Sephora goes to pretty great lengths to educate their employees and customers on products and the manufacturing process.

Here’s the link to Sephora’s natural and organic site segment.

The manager also admitted that most women (even those who research products and ingredients) don’t really know the difference between products that are labeled natural and organic.

To reinforce my prior statements: Organic and Natural are not synonymous terms! They may even mean nothing, by the time slick advertisors get their hands on a fresh set of labels. ;>

So check, check, check your product’s contents.

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Danielle Walker

photo by: Danielle Walker


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