Viqi French / flickr

Viqi French / flickr

While surfing the web, I came across some simple, yet insightful, information that I felt compelled to share.

For those of you ladies who are transitioning to natural — or have even been natural for quite some time– did you go through a phase where your “expectations” about natural hair became a challenge? I find that even when many women learn to embrace their natural hair (and ditch the chemicals/relaxers), there still seems to be some idealization of what their natural locks should or will look like…

There’s nothing wrong with having natural hair “role models” (in fact, I believe young girls need more of them), but sometimes notions about “good” and “bad” hair still seem to creep up into a seemingly happy and natural existence.

In order to hault my rambling, here’s an excerpt from a 2008 Associated Content article:

If you are not familiar with your natural hair texture, become reacquainted. Know exactly what you are working with. You may not have flowing ringlets or a uniform curl pattern throughout your whole head. That is okay, your hair texture is unique. You may find you have different textures on different parts of your head. Many women of African descent have not seen their natural hair texture since they have been children. You must grow your hair out a few inches, to see what your true hair texture is.

link to the rest of this article: Associated Content

Ladies who are going natural (or have went natural), do you find that the “good hair” complex is something that women can’t let go of? Is the process of going natural  just being who you are, or really learning to be yourself all over again…

:: I’d love to hear your thoughts ::


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  1. Dee~Dee says:

    I am only 3.5 months into my transition of letting the relaxers go, and I am learning a lot about me. I always knew I was never meant to fit in, and until last year I didn’t realize that by putting those harsh chemicals in my head, I was trying to fit into the model “Sista” society. I am learning to love my hair on the good days and the bad days. Some days it will curl really tight and on others I can’t do anything with it. I’m loving it because it challenges me to be creative and rock a style that only I will understand. Yes, some “Sistas” look at me differently because my hair is not in layers or coiffed to the styles here in the office. God created us all to look individually, so why shouldn’t my hair? I’m waiting to see how long I will be able to manage it before just deciding to go ahead and do the big cut.!

  2. Danielle says:

    Thanks for sharing. I’m transitioning myself, so its always encouraging to hear words from someone in the same boat :>

  3. BekkaPoo says:

    “I find that even when many women learn to embrace their natural hair (and ditch the chemicals/relaxers), there still seems to be some idealization of what their natural locks should or will look like…”

    Thank you for saying this!

    I hope that everyone can accept their hair and texture for what it is. Each kind of curly hair has so much versatility and beauty, more than we give it credit for.

    Even though I fall in the 3c category of curl size and thin (although numerous) strands, I find myself wishing for 4b/4z hair that is thick, that can be twisted, braided or loc’d, and refuses to be told what to do! I have accepted the fact that my hair would not be healthy in those styles (too much breakage) and that is ok. Loving yourself comes from the inside first. When you start there, everything else falls into line and then these “expectations” about our external selves become less important as we fall in love with who we are, and not what we have..

    Peace and continued good luck on your blog.

    • blackstrands says:

      Its great to hear from a natural that’s coming from the 3ish hair type range – a lot of times many naturals hear the opposite story (people with tighter curls and kinks longing for looser spiral patterns).

      I think at the end of the day, people usually just want what they don’t have! lol
      Sometimes that inspires good changes – I love experimenting with new curls and looks- but as you mentioned, you have to fall in love with who you are first.

      I do, however, think that ditching the chemicals is a great way to start for anyone (not to mention its healthier too) :O>

      Thanks for your post!

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