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CARF/ flickr

Although, I try to stay away from direct heat – like blow dryers, flat irons and curling irons-  as much as possible (this is coming from someone who used to fry their hair once a week, if not more, in their high school days), I  still realize that, as women, we love to change it up every now and then with our hair!

Once every 2 months or so, I will straighten (via flat iron or blow-out) and I’ve definitely learned a lot over time about flat iron do’s and dont’s.

Here’s my own list of the right and wrong ways of straightening things up!


1. Section your hair after conditioning (this should actually follow every wash). 2 or 4 sections should do – then use a wide-tooth (preferably seamless) comb to detangle each section.

2. Blow-dry with a  diffuser (if u cant air dry or use a hooded dryer), which will help to evenly distribute heat

3. Apply a heat protectant or serum before flat ironing

*a cone-free serum you might like?? Elasta QP Silk*


1. Assume the sizzle means your hair is “straightening up” like it should. lol

It’s going straight alright. Straight from your head to the bathroom floor!

2. Use oil as a heat protectant. Oil  + Heat = a home cooked meal, and in this case,  cooked hair.

3. Forget to treat your ends with care. While your roots may need a once over, you generally shouldn’t run the iron over your ends repeatedly.

Please leave your own flat-ironing or straightening tips in the comments section. Add to the knowledge!

:: Happy Styling ::

Want more info on how to straighten your hair without the stress of heat damage?? – “3 Ways to Protect Your Hair from Heat – “Flat Iron Buying Guide


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