SILICONES AND YOUR HAIR: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

sparky/ flickr

sparky/ flickr

The debate on silicones and hair goes on….

While some women believe that cones (silicones) can be damaging to the hair, many others believe their hair thrives with moderate use of cone-based products (like serums, polishers, and “smoothing” shampoos).

But, lets start with what silicones are in relation to your hair…

Cones are usually used as insulators and sealants, they are also a great means of heat-resistance (thus being the reason why so many heat-protectant products have silicones in them).While its obvious that cones make for a great means of protecting your hair from heat damage, many argue that cones only give temporary help to the hair by coating and smoothing the shaft.

The big hoopla seems to be that cones give great appearance, but eventually lead to build-up. (although I can personally attest that Apple Cider Vinegar can clarify almost any product build-up away!)

Before you fall asleep, here’s a very helpful cheat sheet I found at curlgirljourney. blogspot

It turns out that some cones are pretty efficient for curly/kinky textures, while some are better off left on the shelf!

Here’s the scoop on which cone-laden ingredients to look (and look out) for:

Not water soluble (Will buildup in hair)
1. Cetearyl methicone
2. Cetyl dimethicone
3. Cyclopentasiloxane
4. Dimethicone
5. Dimethiconol
6. Stearyl dimethicone
7. Trimethylsilylamodimethicone

Slightly soluble (May cause buildup in hair, but some may wash out with co-wash)
1. Amodimethicone
2. Cyclomethicone
3. Behenoxy dimethicone
4. Stearoxy dimethicone

“Curly Girl approved” Water Soluble (Will not buildup)
1. Dimethicone copolyol
2. Hydrolyzed wheat protein hydroxypropyl polysiloxane
3. Lauryl methicone copolyol
4. Silicones with PEG listed before it

:: Hope this helps ::

Wanna read more on silicones and your hair?? Follow the link:



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  1. This is super helpful, thanks!

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