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flickr / looseends

That’s right.

Honey is a great way to give your hair that extra boost that it needs. Sometimes the greatest treat you can give your hair, is the simplest one…right in your kitchen cabinet!

How should you incorporate honey into your hair regimen??

Just add 2-3 teaspoons (or squirts) to your normal shampoo or conditioner, then wash as usual. If you really want to treat yourself, you can add honey to your conditioner, plus whatever essential oil(s) you use (EVOO, jojoba, rosemary etc) and warm it up for 10 seconds or so. After mixing up your concoction, you can leave it on for 15-20 minutes before washing out.

Simple as that :>

What are the benefits of using honey for the hair?

– gives your hair a natural shine

moisturizes your hair (great for dry tresses)

– coats strands to help protect hair from damage (styling tools, weather, etc)

– great for cleansing your hair of product build-up

One thing to keep in mind:

Honey has been known to gradually lighten some people’s hair, so if you use color – or you wish to maintain a very dark look- this treatment may not be suited for you. Some women actually do natural honey treatments to achieve subtle, lighter shades.

:: Food for thought ::

Wanna read more ways you can enhance your beauty regimen with honey?? Click the link

8 Honey Beauty Tips – ezinearticles


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5 Responses

  1. Sindhu says:

    I did not know this! I’m gonna try this out tomorrow and let you know how it turns out. Do you have to do this continuously for a while though, to see any noticeable effects?

  2. Danielle says:

    I’ve heard that it takes awhile to actually see the effects. On various boards I’ve seen some women that noticed the lightening effects after-the-fact…and some that hadn’t noticed much change at all

    I’m actually mixing some honey in my Suave coconut conditioner now…may add some EVOO too lol

    Here’s a link I found that might help.

    It claims that you can do a treatment (8 hrs of letting the mixture sit on hair). If you have the patience, I would try it since its natural…and good for your hair!

  3. Danielle says:

    Found some more specific recipes too from the long hair community forum…. They actually have recipes according to your natural (or current) hair color.

    Check it out:

  4. Sindhu says:

    Thanks for the links Danielle! I checked out that first link about the 8 hr treatment and am thinking of trying it out later today. The instructions say add a 3/4 cup of honey to a 1/12 cup of conditioner. Does that proportion sound right to you? That seems like a lot of honey!

  5. Danielle says:

    lol it IS alot…but I think in order for you to get “color treated” results, it may be necessary.

    I’ve never actually tried honey to make my hair lighter, I dont mind the subtle effects, but I usually use it for its other healing properties on the hair…

    I would give it a go!

    and update us…i wanna know too! lol

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