Patrick Boury/ flickr

Patrick Boury/ flickr

I’ve decided to do two posts on trimming. One for ladies that like to do it themselves, and one for everyone (since even the most hair savvy, deserve a trip every now and then to get a good professional trim/cut).

Some of you may be wondering if there’s a big difference in cutting relaxed hair and natural hair, so I found some pretty good info on trimming natural locks. Long Healthy Hair Advisor gives some great tips, if your looking to maintain at home or in-between salon visits. (click link for the rest of the article)

So here’s one, of many ways, to trim your strands at home!

Curly Hair Trim vs Straight Hair Trim

You can trim your hair while it’s in its curly natural state or you can straighten your hair for trimming.

When your hair is curly and you do not like to straighten it, you can still get get it trimmed by several methods.  You can take your hair and put it in 10-20 twists and snip off the ends…  Choose to trim your natural hair when it’s curly if you never wear your hair straight.

If you wear your hair straight – even occasionally – you’ll want to have your hair trimmed when it is straight.  How straight do you need it to be?  Well, it depends.  You can get your hair trimmed with a blow out or you can have it flat ironed bone straight for a trim.  Trimming natural hair when it’s straight will provide a more precise trim that is also visually appealing when your hair is worn in straight hair styles.

Wet Natural Hair vs Dry Natural Hair

Since your hair is more pliable when it’s wet, trimming it at this stage can be a little easier.  You can stretch the hair to get a nice grip on your hair and the hair is a little bit easier to cut with the scissors.

However, if your hair is wet, you may not get a precise cut and may actually end up cutting more of your hair than you planned to.  This is because hair especially natural hair is elongated when it’s wet.  Be very careful with wet trims of natural hair.

Have your hair trimmed while it’s dry can be an easier option depending on your goals.  One main benefit of dry trimming is that you know exactly how much you got off because your hair is not elongated by water.


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2 Responses

  1. Amina says:

    What a great article! Thank you :)
    How often do you trim your hair?
    I used to trim it once in a while (when my ends looked terrible) when I was wearing twists

    • blackstrands says:

      Actually, the less trimming/cutting – the better, is my motto.
      That’s why I believe in doing the small trims yourself.

      I’m a firm believer that if you’re trying to attain growth, you should steer clear of scissor happy hands (even if that includes your own) lol.
      I did however trim a week ago, b/c it had been awhile….and for some reason my right side was acting out :OP

      I’m transitioning though, so in about 5-6 months all the relaxed ends are coming off anyway. There’s no in between for me, its either the big chop or dusting only when necessary.

      I’ve learned how to protect and save my ends, and I’ve retained a lot more growth over the last several months due to the added care/attention.

      BUT If you’re keeping a short do’ that’s another ball game completely.

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