DEVACHAN SALON: Make Those Curls Pop!

Barbara Porto/ flickr

Barbara Porto/ flickr

Calling all natural/curly girls…

A friend of mine suggested a great salon that specializes in curly hair. Most women know, that the key to a head full of gorgeous curls, often starts with a cut! The way your stylist cuts or trims your locks can either define or set back your curl journey.

Devachan salon seems like the perfect treat for curly girls. I have heard the salon is a bit pricey ($200-300 depending on what you want), but its definitely worth it if you can get a cut that will last you for the year (or 6 months) – especially if you only go to the salon a few times a year, like me.  Salon co-owner, Lorraine Massey, is also the author of Curly Girl – a book for ladies who want their curls to pop and flourish.

Devachan also carries their own product line (DevaConcepts)- which, in their words, “takes the poo out of shampoo.” In other words, their shampoos are 100% sulfate free!

I haven’t visited the salon yet, but I planning to treat myself once I get further along in my transition…Maybe I’ll even do the big chop there?  Who knows?

There are plenty of locations, so click the link to see if there’s one near you. Devachan Salon

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8 Responses

  1. Amira says:

    After growing my relaxer out after several years and wearing my hair pulled back everyday during the process, my first salon experience with my natural kinky curls (type 3A and 3B) was at Devachan @ the 425 Broome St (at Crosby) location.

    I was nervous going in because I’d had bad salon experiences in the past, but my stylist/colorist named Julie put me at ease. It was a great experience (albeit pricey). I felt like she completely understood my hair and what hair shape and highlights would also best suit my face and complexion.

    The atmosphere was relaxing and spa-like. They serve herbal tea and I think other refreshments too.

    I recommend this salon to all curlies and naturals. I also recommend the salon to anyone apprehensive about salon visits.

    • blackstrands says:

      thanks Amira…..

      you’re making me want to take that visit sooner…rather than later.
      I’ve heard nothing but good things (so far) from people about Devachan.

  2. Lisa says:

    Hello curlies,

    So happy to hear you’re lovin your curls and setting them free. JUst wanted to make sure you have the correct name of the salon, its Devachan Salon and the product company is DevaConcepts, each with corresponding web sites. Once you use the products you’ll be hooked like everyone else! Enjoy!

  3. Lindsey says:

    Ok I really want to go to this salon, but can they deal with black hair? I have 3c black hair that grows up and out and i’m just SO nervous about putting my delicate curls into someone else’s hands.

    For anyone who has been, or if you’ve been recently blackstrands – write a review!!

    thanks a bunch. great blog!

    • blackstrands says:

      Hey Lindsey,

      One of my friends (I’d say she has 3c-ish hair) actually went to this salon. I was only willing to give this salon props because she went AND she also told me that she saw ladies of all curly hair types (from white – to 4a/b hair) getting their hair done.

      So I’d say they def. handle a wide variety of hair and clientele.
      My friend also said that she goes there once or twice a year to get her curls cut (she said it was pretty pricey but definitely worth it).
      I hear they are great at cutting curls and getting them to pop!

      **If I were you though, I would def pop in and see if you like what you see**

      With that said, I haven’t been myself….but I can def ask my friend that’s been if she minds replying (or leaving some sort of review).

      Thanks for posting

  4. Lindsey says:

    blackstrands (or Dani?) – yes, please have your friend write a review. I read some reviews elsewhere where some people were very disappointed with their cut. They mentioned they think that they got a bad stylist – so if your friend would be willing to give some rec’s on stylists as well – that would be wonderful!


    • blackstrands says:

      Dani’s fine :)

      no problem, I definitely understand.

      That’s why I do my own hair now…although I would be interested in going to a salon when I do the big chop.

      I’ll ask her to give some feedback

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