How Black Women are Beautifying on a Budget!

YoHandy/ flickr

YoHandy/ flickr

Hello Ladies!

As everyone knows….


BUT, we still have to find ways to look our best and keep up our swagger. Right?

I thought it might help to share some thoughts I garnered from a wider array of women (whom I talked to back in December).

Edress, 39- “I’m using up everything I have before buying anymore cosmetics.”

on how the economy’s changed her beauty routines: “It’s the same scaling back I should have been doing before the recession.”

Ria, 42- “I’m still going to buy my cosmetics,” said the Lancôme counter manager at the downtown Brooklyn Macy’s. “I’ll cut down on my usage.”

on buying cheaper/changing brands: “Going to something that might not work for me, will cost me more in the long run. It will tend to make me break out.”

Evelyn, 21- ” I’m a product junkie, but I prefer doing my hair myself,” said the college student while shopping in the Carol’s Daughter Harlem store.

on being a broke college student and still keeping up with her hair: “I make my own natural concoctions sometimes”

Amanda, 33– “If I can see you do it, I can do it myself,” she said while trying to find a holding spray for her short hair (to avoid going to the salon every week). The assistant in payroll accounts held out her manicured hands, “Last year I started doing it myself.”

on maintaining her short hair (cut a year 1/2 ago) : “I thought it would have been easier, but I’m comfortable with the way it is.”

Valerie, 50- “Because of my hair -it’s locked-I can do it myself,” she said in a local Duane Reade while shopping with her 16-year-old daughter for hair products. “It usually costs me $80, but it lasts for three months.”

With her?” she said pointing towards her teenager. “Its every two weeks. It costs me more.”

on having locks: “It’s easier to manage and cheaper.”

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2 Responses

  1. ~Back to Curly~ says:

    First off, I luv that picture!!

    But yes, i can relate 100%! Last year I quit going to my hair stylist all together, and that was quite difficult because her salon is literally about 1 block from my home! But I’ve been saving money doing my hair myself, and purchasing my own products. Granted I’m a product junkie and love to sample ample amounts of things, but the minimum fifty dollars I would spend every two weeks (because they always seem to charge more for natural hair!) doesn’t compare to the pennies I spend on doing my hair myself;-)

  2. blackstrands says:

    Great to see you’re a DIY girl :>

    It’s def been empowering to not be chained to a salon to get great hair (even a good salon). Especially in today’s rough economy, I will not be a slave to a stylist…I’ll be my own!

    My goal is go to the salon only 2-3 times a year, to get a nice even trim…and eventually do the BC *dreamy eyes* lol

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