LETS TALK BUSINESS: The Ethnic Haircare Market

Jeremy Burgin/ flickr

Jeremy Burgin/ flickr

To put it simply, the ethnic beauty market is a cash cow.
Market Research company Packaged Facts released a 2008 tally of the market’s standing.

In 2008 alone, ethnic haircare sales were expected to pull in $1.4 billion in revenue. Since ethnic-specific haircare products are overwhelmingly targeted to African American consumers, it seems that the black dollar has accounted for much of the market’s success.

Can you guess what products are leading in sales?




Still, while relaxers dominate sales in the market, it seems that this product segment has lost a bit of momentum over the past several years. Between 2003 -2007 relaxer sales have fallen nearly five share-points.

It seems a number of black women are depending more on their conditioners or styling products to give them their desired look, or they are simply going natural — and  leaving relaxers on the shelves altogether.

*This is a repost from a December entry*


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2 Responses

  1. Amina says:

    very interesting!
    and actually these three leadings products are crucial to maintain the straight look

  2. moonstillwater says:

    I just found some great products on the web. The site is

    This stuff is fresh, clean and natural and has brought my hair back to a great state from alot of damage. I have natural hair but my mom uses the oil and she has bleached, processed hair. She said it keeps her hair moist.

    Maybe somebody out there could use this information.


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