Nourish and Shine - from the Jane Carter Solution line

I think I’ve been using Nourish and Shine long enough to give it my official stamp of approval. This product is well worth the $22 (in my opinion), because the ingredients are great and you can use it to your heart’s content for just about everything.

It’s great for your hair, skin, feet – and a dab will do you. This stuff is concentrated, so the jar should last you for quite a spell. I usually use this after I wash my hair, to seal in moisture. It has a kind of strong grapefruity smell, but its actually pretty pleasant, as a small amount should be sufficient. This stuff moisturizes well — within a few minutes you will probably notice the absorption – and softer hair (or skin).

While doing some research for a story a while back, I actually spoke with a dermatologist about great natural products.  Believe it or not, the Director of the Skin of Color Center in NY, Andrew F. Alexis,  recommended this product! I couldn’t help but to interrupt with, “I just started using that!” lol

With that said, even though money is tight, I would give this product two thumbs up. It definitely makes the cut for my ultimate buys list.

The ingredients??

Shea butter, Kokum butter, Illippe butter, Mango butter, Vitamins A, D, & E, pear and grapefruit essential oils.

Where can you get it?

Jane Carter Solution

my well-used jar of goodness

my well-used jar of goodness

For any of you that may be wondering about the product’s size and consistency, I took some bootleg pictures with my Samsung  ;O>

If you’re going to dish out the dough, you should know what to expect in some respect.

Like I said, a couple of dabs should do (for your hair)

Like I said, a couple of dabs should do!

:: Hope this helps ::

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5 Responses

  1. maturenatural says:

    I love this product too. It is also sold at the Vitamin Shoppe for $18.99.

  2. Mina says:

    Its a great product I have it- it works!

  3. I am not sure if I love it more for my hair or skin! LOL The Jane Carter Solution product line is amazing!!!

    Did you hear that her products are now being offered at Target?!? (GET EXCITED)


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