Carf/ flickr

Carf/ flickr


When it comes to my at-home styling skills, I’ve been getting pretty good. I can do the perm rods, roller sets and I’ve been flat ironing since high school, so that’s a done deal. I’ve even perfected a few buns, which I rock regularly as protective styles.

BUT…(there’s always that but)

When it comes to any sort of twist or cornrow style, it seems like my fingers become lame. The hair looks too loose and puffy, and I can’t help feeling like its not worth it doing 10 more rows — I know, I’m impatient.

This whole trial and error process is even more frustrating because of the fact that I especially love flat twists!

So, I’ve decided to share a video I found on youtube.  The woman in the tutorial goes step by step …which I am both appreciative of and dependent on… well, at least for the time being. She also shows two different techniques: regular flat twists and two strands twists.

This way you can upgrade to the more complicated technique if you wish. Graduate to the two strand twists lol

With a little practice I’m sure I can perfect this look, as any of you flat (or two strand) twist fans can do as well at home.

I’ll save the cornrow tutorials and tips for another day!

Look out for pics, if and when I master this technique!

:: Happy Styling ::


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