CONDITIONER CUES: A Curly Girl’s Guide To Lush Hair

Ruben Bos/ flickr

Ruben Bos/ flickr

Is anyone else so over the winter? I am! Can you tell by the big tropical pic I posted? lol

But in moving on to more relevant topics…

I mentioned Lorraine Massey (author of Curly Girl) in an earlier post, and I thought it might helpful to add an update on the curly hair expert. The San Franciso Chronicle did an interview with the author/stylist, and in the piece Massey revealed some great tips for buying quality conditioners. Ms. Massey is known for advocating anti-shampoo regimens, which can be too harsh and drying for curly/kinky hair, so I found the piece to be very insightful. A key rule to remember:  CURLS NEED MOISTURE!!

If you are a curly-kinky chick, then you know that frequent conditioning is a MUST, so here’s an excerpt from the story that may help you during your next beauty-supply spree :O>

Pick the right conditioner. Massey says that reading the labels of conditioners is key, but this can be confusing since so many ingredients just add to the thickness, fragrance, or look of the product itself and have no benefit for the hair. “I suggest that you avoid conditioners with silicones–this means no products with ingredients whose names end in -one,” Massey says. “Although they do add temporary shine, I find they weigh down hair.” So what ingredients should you look for? Massey says every conditioner should contain at least one ingredient from the following four categories:

  • Emmollients–shea butter, vegetable oils, wheat germ, olive or walnut oils.
  • Proteins–Wheat, wheat germ, soy protein.
  • Humectants–Panthenol, vegetable glycerine, sorbitol.
  • Moisturizers–Amino acids and aloe vera.

Follow the link to read the rest of the article –> 7 Tips For Going ‘No Poo’

:: Hope this helps ::

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