Beautiful Bed Heads

flickr- BriceFR

flickr- BriceFR

One thing on my “do it or lose it list”  is definitely a satin pillowcase. Black hair, especially, is fragile and prone to damage – so I think every woman should be sleeping on one (or have a silk cap or scarf). If any of you sleep like me, caps and such may come off – or you just forget to put them on to begin with :OP

Therefore, a satin pillowcase would be a best bet in the long run.

Cotton rubbing up against your hair, can mean terrible friction and damaged ends (middles and everythings). This is on my “do it or lose it” list because its a small tip that can give you very noticeable results.

Many of you that sleep on satin, probably know the difference between what your hair looks like on cotton vs. silk days. lol

So lets get our beauty rest the right way! Invest in something that feels better (and only takes a few of your dollars) and leaves your hair looking better. Trust me, there will be less stress in the morning :O>

:: Hope this helps ::


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3 Responses

  1. my2dollars says:

    I love your site. The pics are great!

  2. Janine says:

    I understand what you say and must agree! I used to use a cutted of panty! ye lol I know.
    But then I heard about a satin scarf being better. And which also doesnt suck up the moisture out of your hair.

    When I wake up the next morning the most thing I’m so relieved about is that my hair is finally down! I mean all the baby hair is nice, flat and not up in the air!

    So I’d tell others to go buy one today, so much benefits!!!

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