Why Natural? Why Transition?

flickr/ Osei

flickr/ Osei

Every woman does not want natural hair- and every woman doesn’t prefer to be chemically relaxed.

It’s really up to that individual to decide whats right for them.

With that being said, I’d like to explain why I made the decision to go natural over the last several months…

As many of you know, I’m currently transitioning to natural (I’m in my 6 month of being relaxer free), but some of you may be wondering why? Or what’s the big fuss?

Well, here’s a very contemplative list that I put together for you. These are the pros of going natural from my perspective and opinion. I’ll call it MY TOP 8:

1. Relaxers have always burnt the heck out of my scalp. One day I had to stop and ask myself – why are you even doing this?

2. I was never religious about getting relaxers to begin with (every 6-8 weeks was more like every 3-5 months for me)

3. I want to know what my natural texture actually looks like! Its been years since I’ve had a full head of natural hair.

4. I started doing more research on natural/organic living – and I begin to see that I was miles behind in my haircare and hair products.


6. I think natural hair will give me tons of style options. I can wear my hair straight if I wish, or I can wear it curly/kinky- and wash or condition as frequently as my heart desires!

7. My hair is thicker, fuller and more textured without the relaxers

8. This transition has helped me to become more independent. Most of time, I style my hair the way I want…and I’ve also learned how my hair works. Sounds weird, but a person’s hair texture is like their thumbprint- it’s theirs and only theirs. You may find someone with a similar texture (and get helpful advice on regimens for your own hair), but at the end of the day, transitioning has made me more aware of me!


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2 Responses

  1. Ali says:

    I totally agree…I’ve been natural for 10 months strong and my hair has grown rapidly and gotten thicker.

    I don’t know why I even started getting relaxers because when I got them I didn’t really need them. I guess I only did it because I wanted straight hair so badly and that was the only way I new how to get it.

    Now I embrace my naturally curly hair and I’ve learned that there is versatility in going natural (I can be straight or curly). I’m glad that I’ve made such a decision and I’m geeked that there is a venue where I can express my opinion and learn from others experience.


  2. Carloz says:

    I like that, sounds like you are doing self-discovery in all aspects of life.

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