Get it, Got it? Good : Coconut Oil

Brandon King/ flickr

Brandon King/ flickr

Over time, I’ve been trying to comprise a list of “ultimate buys” for great body and hair care. The latest and greatest products are always great…but sometimes we don’t always have the latest and greatest kind of money :-O

So, the post of the moment is Coconut Oil.

It’s cheap, its simple – and its a great conditioner for the skin and hair. In many countries (India in particular) women coat their hair in the oil as an excellent means of conditioning and repairing/protecting their tresses. Coconut oil also gives the hair an added luster and shine.

I found numerous articles on the benefits of coconut oil, but here is a list I pulled together from a source:

– repairs damaged, dry hair and ends

– a natural treatment for dandruff

– can be used in place of body lotions/creams to moisturize dry,cracking skin

– protects skin from sun exposure and aging spots

– can help prevent (and treat) premature graying of hair

– a means of treating eczema

– a great lip moisturizer / flickr / flickr

Since this list could really go on and on and on, I think its safe to say that coconut oil is one of nature’s best beauty ingredients.

I’m definitely into trying new oils, conditioners and moisturizing products – but I also firmly believe that simple regimens and products are sometimes the best!

So please ladies, if you are in the dark – find the light :O>

:: Happy Styling ::

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  1. Dee Dee says:

    My husband and I have been using coconut oil for the past 3 months, and we the outcome has be wonderful!

    I use it on my skin after a shower and on my scalp as a daily conditioner. It makes my skin and hair soft and keeps my coils looking beautiful. I cannot keep my hands out of my head now. And the scent is wonderful. Even after a few days of working in the yard, it still smells sweet.

    I highly suggest this to anyone who is dealing with hard skind or breaking hair.

  2. EC says:

    I reeeeeally wanted Coconut Oil to work for me. I tried three different brands but I got the same results. Also, products with CO in it (high on the list) would give my similar results. My hair got hard and stiff within minutes of applications. *sad face*

    I stick to grapeseed oil or EVOO.

    • blackstrands says:

      yeah, I know when it comes to oils, some just don’t work well (or as well) with each individual.

      You say it gets hard and stiff…do you have very soft or finely textured hair? Although I’m not sure that would really change the effects…since people of various racial backgrounds (and hair types) use it…

  3. Stacey says:

    I’m not sure why your hair is getting hard and stiff but I’ll just say that because coconut oil helps with the retention of protein if your hair is a bit protein sensitive then you should be careful when using coconut oil with products that have protein in it. That’s usually what’s happening with other women that end up with dry and brittle hair. Once they cut the protein out of their shampoos, conditioners, and leave-in conditioners then using coconut oil on its own should help. You just have to be careful of what products you’re using coconut oil in conjunction with. Since it does so much on its own to heal the hair you may need less in other areas.

    Also, protein has so many different names. The other day I found a list for the names for proteins. I just cant remember what site I found it on right now. It may sound silly but I didn’t realize that Amino Acids were proteins. There were a few more that surprised me. I usually just look for hydrolized or silk or keratin on the ingredients list. There’s so much more.

    But olive oil also penetrates the hair strand so you should reap benefits from that as well.

    This is only the abstract from the article on coconut oil and protein. You have to be a member to read the whole thing:

    • blackstrands says:

      Thanks for the info Stacey!

      That could very well be a plausible cause for the hardness…

      I also did a post a while back on moisturizing vs. protein conditioners (and how to know if you are possibly overdoing it):

      update: I also use olive oil sometimes, and I do think results can vary – as in which oils work best on your hair- but today i washed my hair and used coconut oil to seal in the moisture (when my hair was still damp) and my hair came out ultra soft.

      I love olive oil too, but I also think its a bit greasier than coconut oil from my personal experience.
      I like how coconut oil is “lighter” – and the smell is a plus too :O>

    • EC says:

      Thanks, Stacey. My hair looooves protein. I use it weekly in some form or fashion. So since I get my dosage of protein, CO may just not be necessary.

  4. blackstrands says:

    This is a bit after the fact, but I was also reading up this week on coconut oil, and some women also mix it into their regular conditioners and wash it out.

    Maybe even using it as a pre-poo treatment might give you better results vs. just putting it directly on your hair and leaving it on….

    This could possibly help to fight that crunchiness or stiffness you mentioned before.

    But if the EVOO is working for you, I’d def say stick with that…unless you were really looking for the particular benefits that come with EVCO (like getting the moisture and sealant protection all in one oil).

    *hope this helps

  5. Ann says:

    Coconut Oil makes my hair the softest, heathiest and bounciest it’s ever been. The sheen and softness is unbelievable. My hair has *never* looked healthier than since I began using cocnut oil. I wish I had discovered it years ago!

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