Just Because…

I want this :)


…especially the vanilla & sweet orange soap and the pineapple & coconut lip balm.  YUM

I scoped this at Product (check it out).

You can get this at Whole Foods or online at Hugo Naturals



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A Tutorial Revisited: Flat Twists

carf/ flickr

carf/ flickr

Hello Ladies!

SO, This past weekend I embarked on another personal hair challenge. My goal this week was flat twists….yea, I know (not exactly the most complex of styles, but a style I love nonetheless). I can’t tell you how many times I’ve rocked different variations of flat twist styles over the years….twisted buns, twists in the front and curls in the back, elegant updo’s, etc etc etc, you catch my drift. lol

Yet not once did I think I could pull them off on my own. Why you may ask??

Well, I tried over the years, but for some reason I always thought they weren’t tight enough so I would stop midway through figuring I was saving myself a hair disappointment. I think the biggest misconception I had about this style, is that I needed a “professional” to twist them. In reality, my hands worked just fine….and I WILL be trying this out on my own head in the very near future :O)

With that being said, I’ve finally put up some pics of the process – once again using my sister as a hair model (trust that she’s loving and taking advantage of this). I would do it on my own hair, but I find thats its way easier to see and style someone else’s hair, esp when your still trying to perfect a technique.

Anyway, here are some pics.

FYI – Technically, I believe I did single strand flat twists (vs. two strand twists that require you to pick up hair and twist as you go – kind of like cornrowing)I have actually always preferred the single strand “rolled” look.

The twisting took me maybe 15-20 minutes (after redoing a few and changing some parts).


pro bono hair model = my sister lol


Just in case you were wondering how the back turned out

please ignore those blue rubber bands…i don’t want to talk about it lol

What I used for the twists??

  • some LeKair styling gel to hold the twist (and give it some shine)
  • a rat tail comb for parting
  • rubber bands, which I don’t care for, I may try pins next time...

I also roller set the back of her hair for a different curl –I thought it would be a breeze (the roller setting part) since I twisted the front…boy was I wrong :OP

And here we have it!

I think the twists came out pretty nice for a first try.

Here’s to one more style in my bag of tricks, and one less style I’ll be paying somebody else for!

:: Happy Styling ::

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Hair Mavens: Amel Larrieux


Just because I’m so happy with my coconut oil, I decided to re-post this Hair Maven’s entry :O)


Today’s hair maven is the lovely Amel Larrieux. From the days of Groove Theory to her mellow tracks like “For Real,”  the soul songtress has been an inspiration for both her musical talent and her natural mane.

Here’s part of an interview from the singer (found at She speaks on her own hair regimen and how she cares for her thick locks:

“I wear my hair natural and I have to stay on top of it. I am very much into lubricating my hair. I use different hair oils and pomades and I only wash my hair every two to three weeks,” Larriex says.

One of her favorite hair products is Monoi de Tahiti, a coconut oil with coconut extract directly from Tahiti, which she uses to oil her hair and scalp. She also uses Indian hemp as a pomade…

After washing her hair at night, she oils her scalp, puts a bit of oil on her hair, then sections and braids her hair in two, four, sometimes six braids. She says the process protects and sets the hair. In the morning she takes out the braids and runs her fingers though her hair to create a wavy effect.

“It’s as simple as that,” she says. “When I go to shoots I tell the stylists not to touch my hair because it is the way I like it.”

Wanna read more on Amel’s haircare regimen? Follow the link from

*This is a re- post from a January entry*

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My Simplified Regimen

DeJay/ flickr

DeJay/ flickr

The pic above really does reflect the ridiculousness that was becoming my hair product collection. While I was packing my things to leave NY and head  to VA for the summer, I realized how many products I had…

sick and sad.

But really, one thing I am proud to say, is that over the last couple of months I have started to focus myself and develop a pretty basic hair care regimen.

Now, I won’t go as far as to say that places like Sephora and Ricky’s  don’t excite me…but you get the picture :O)

Also, the fact that I’m working out more – and its so hot and humid outside – has made it easier for me to bring it back to the basics.

Here’s a simple breakdown of what I do every week:

1.  Shampoo once a week with Carol’s Daughter-  Black Vanilla Herbal Shampoo

2. Co-wash (wash with only conditioner) 2-3 times a week (or as needed depending on my workouts).  I cleanse my hair with a V05 Moisture Milk conditioner (less than $2 no matter where u get it), rinse out and then detangle with my Denman brush with a thicker conditioner in my hair (I LOVE Organix – Coconut Milk Conditioner and Herbal Essence – Hello Hydration)

3. I rinse the conditioner out,  then apply Extra Virgin Coconut Oil to my hair and massage in scalp while my hair is still wet.

FYI – I’ve put my aunt and sister on the coconut oil bandwagon. lol Out of all the natural oils I’ve tried so far,  I can honestly say my hair loves this one the most.

4. I usually let me hair air dry and set it in a protective style/bun or I may (occasionally) blow dry if I’m in a rush or its not warm enough for me to walk out of the house with damp hair.

And that’s it!!  The rest of my products are great (well some of them), but I have to admit that this simple routine is working for me….and I’ve been noticing a lot more growth/length retention in giving myself a routine to stick to.

:: Hope this helps ::

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Solia Flat Iron Results: Before and After

mhm. work.

my sister/hair model

I know, I know,  its been too long.

Let’s pause and share a big e-hug…

<3 <3 <3

NOW, there’s lots and lots I’ve been wanting to share over the last month or so, and one of the first things I want to post is my solia flat iron before and after. (No, I didn’t forget).

My sister was kind enough to play along as a hair model for me lol (she actually loves this kinda of stuff), and I actually preferred styling someone else’s hair vs. my own for a number of reasons…

One, being that I’ve started jogging/running and my hair would not withstand being straight for long with all the sweating.

Two, I just haven’t been in the mood to straighten my hair period. (btw my transition is coming along wonderfully. I’m now in my 7th month post- relaxer YAY!)

And the third reason being that I wanted to be able to really see everything to give my opinion of the it’s performance.

So, let’s do more showing and less telling.

FYI – My sister is pretty much fully natural, she’s transitioned for over a year now and has trimmed off just about all her relaxed ends….Her hair looks fab!


Alex with only coconut oil applied to her damp/ freshly washed hair

Alex with only coconut oil applied to her damp/ freshly washed hair.

Alex during the drying process...

Alex during the drying process...

Fully blow dried and sprayed/prepped with heat protectant

Fully blow dried and sprayed/prepped with heat protectant


After I flat ironed her hair with the solia on about 350 degrees/heat (it took less than an hour)

After I flat ironed her hair with the solia on about 350 degrees/heat (it took less than an hour)

just for fun...and yes she was swinging her hair lol

just for fun...and yes she was swinging her hair lol

mhm. work.

mhm. I should set up shop.

My say:

After I turned on the solia, it got hot in about 30 seconds and it was pretty much smooth sailing from there. The highest heat setting is 450 degrees, but that’s definitely way too hot for anyone IMO, whether natural or relaxed. For me, I’d say it was a great buy.The only criticism I have is that the iron is a little heavier than most I’ve used (not really that serious), but I have read  some reviews that claim the Chi flat iron to be more light-weight. Overall, I’d say I’m highly pleased with this flat iron though :O)

Alex’s say:

She liked that she “couldn’t feel the heat at all”  (near her scalp) while I was styling her hair. In her opinion, the iron keeps the heat “contained,” plus she likes the fact that her hair doesn’t smell burnt afterwards. Overall, she says she’d recommend the solia and is pleased with the results vs. those she’s had with cheaper irons.

:: Happy Styling ::

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