Solia Flat Iron Results: Before and After

mhm. work.

my sister/hair model

I know, I know,  its been too long.

Let’s pause and share a big e-hug…

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NOW, there’s lots and lots I’ve been wanting to share over the last month or so, and one of the first things I want to post is my solia flat iron before and after. (No, I didn’t forget).

My sister was kind enough to play along as a hair model for me lol (she actually loves this kinda of stuff), and I actually preferred styling someone else’s hair vs. my own for a number of reasons…

One, being that I’ve started jogging/running and my hair would not withstand being straight for long with all the sweating.

Two, I just haven’t been in the mood to straighten my hair period. (btw my transition is coming along wonderfully. I’m now in my 7th month post- relaxer YAY!)

And the third reason being that I wanted to be able to really see everything to give my opinion of the it’s performance.

So, let’s do more showing and less telling.

FYI – My sister is pretty much fully natural, she’s transitioned for over a year now and has trimmed off just about all her relaxed ends….Her hair looks fab!


Alex with only coconut oil applied to her damp/ freshly washed hair

Alex with only coconut oil applied to her damp/ freshly washed hair.

Alex during the drying process...

Alex during the drying process...

Fully blow dried and sprayed/prepped with heat protectant

Fully blow dried and sprayed/prepped with heat protectant


After I flat ironed her hair with the solia on about 350 degrees/heat (it took less than an hour)

After I flat ironed her hair with the solia on about 350 degrees/heat (it took less than an hour)

just for fun...and yes she was swinging her hair lol

just for fun...and yes she was swinging her hair lol

mhm. work.

mhm. I should set up shop.

My say:

After I turned on the solia, it got hot in about 30 seconds and it was pretty much smooth sailing from there. The highest heat setting is 450 degrees, but that’s definitely way too hot for anyone IMO, whether natural or relaxed. For me, I’d say it was a great buy.The only criticism I have is that the iron is a little heavier than most I’ve used (not really that serious), but I have read  some reviews that claim the Chi flat iron to be more light-weight. Overall, I’d say I’m highly pleased with this flat iron though :O)

Alex’s say:

She liked that she “couldn’t feel the heat at all”  (near her scalp) while I was styling her hair. In her opinion, the iron keeps the heat “contained,” plus she likes the fact that her hair doesn’t smell burnt afterwards. Overall, she says she’d recommend the solia and is pleased with the results vs. those she’s had with cheaper irons.

:: Happy Styling ::

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8 Responses

  1. Lindsey says:

    Wow. Amazing results and no heat damage. At what temp did you flat iron the hair at?

  2. jiya says:

    Man look at that body, WORK IT ALEX! I’m not planning on going natural but I guess you could say I’m transitioning cuz I spend a long time in btween relaxers but I think my hair is thinning. So much of it comes out when I wash/comb it. The last time I relaxed was in march and I’m not planning On doing another till december. I think I’m going to leave my hair in small plats and get serious about a garlic and coconut milk regimen.

  3. blackstrands says:

    Hey Jiya,

    Well I just tried henna for the first time (tonight)..and it wasn’t hardly as complicated as I imagined!!

    It’s kind of early to say now (I just washed it out an hour ago), but I think my hair is definitely softer. As for the color and strength, I’ll wait it out a bit and do a post on it in the very near future.

    Have you contemplated trying henna?

    I’ve heard its GREAT for thickness and making the hair stronger. Also, if you don’t want your hair color to change, there are ways of “neutralizing” the henna.

    I’m sure the coconut milk and garlic treatments will help tons though, esp since I’ve tried them and know from personal experience.

    I am excited to see, however, if henna can take my hair to the next level…..

    fingers crossed*

  4. Jiya says:

    let me know how it goes… Did your hair shed alot in the first few months of transitioning? I’ve known of henna as a natural hair dye, that’s about it. I dont even know what it looks like:) but I’ll definitely do more research. Where did you get your henna from? And does change hair color as in making lighter or darker?

    Also, are you planning on going natural or just stretching?

    • blackstrands says:


      believe it or not, my hair really shed a lot LESS when I started transitioning b/c I had already done some research and knew how to detangle (only with a thick conditioner in hair while wet and with a wide tooth comb or denman type brush). After I got hip to detangling, and knowing to condition a lot and use a great oil to seal my hair – its pretty much been smooth sailing.

      So for the most part, I was retaining more length once I started transitioning.

      Also, I’m planning to transition to fully natural. I’m not sure quite yet on how long I want to transition – but my goal is to be 100 % natural.

  5. Jiya says:

    Thanks for telling me about the henna by the way

    • blackstrands says:

      I should be posting some updates within the next few days of my first henna treatment.

      henna doesn’t really make the hair lighter per se, but it does give your hair a red/auburn tint which is usually best seen in certain lighting and in sunlight.

      I got my henna (its powder) from an indian grocer in my neighborhoof for less than $4.

      Stay posted for my updates! I’ll go into a lot more detail.
      Overall the treatment was great :)

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