A Tutorial Revisited: Flat Twists

carf/ flickr

carf/ flickr

Hello Ladies!

SO, This past weekend I embarked on another personal hair challenge. My goal this week was flat twists….yea, I know (not exactly the most complex of styles, but a style I love nonetheless). I can’t tell you how many times I’ve rocked different variations of flat twist styles over the years….twisted buns, twists in the front and curls in the back, elegant updo’s, etc etc etc, you catch my drift. lol

Yet not once did I think I could pull them off on my own. Why you may ask??

Well, I tried over the years, but for some reason I always thought they weren’t tight enough so I would stop midway through figuring I was saving myself a hair disappointment. I think the biggest misconception I had about this style, is that I needed a “professional” to twist them. In reality, my hands worked just fine….and I WILL be trying this out on my own head in the very near future :O)

With that being said, I’ve finally put up some pics of the process – once again using my sister as a hair model (trust that she’s loving and taking advantage of this). I would do it on my own hair, but I find thats its way easier to see and style someone else’s hair, esp when your still trying to perfect a technique.

Anyway, here are some pics.

FYI – Technically, I believe I did single strand flat twists (vs. two strand twists that require you to pick up hair and twist as you go – kind of like cornrowing)I have actually always preferred the single strand “rolled” look.

The twisting took me maybe 15-20 minutes (after redoing a few and changing some parts).


pro bono hair model = my sister lol


Just in case you were wondering how the back turned out

please ignore those blue rubber bands…i don’t want to talk about it lol

What I used for the twists??

  • some LeKair styling gel to hold the twist (and give it some shine)
  • a rat tail comb for parting
  • rubber bands, which I don’t care for, I may try pins next time...

I also roller set the back of her hair for a different curl –I thought it would be a breeze (the roller setting part) since I twisted the front…boy was I wrong :OP

And here we have it!

I think the twists came out pretty nice for a first try.

Here’s to one more style in my bag of tricks, and one less style I’ll be paying somebody else for!

:: Happy Styling ::

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