Tracking Your Progress

craftapalooza/ flickr

craftapalooza/ flickr

“Tracking your progress” is not suggestive of a sew-in weave…. at least not in this post. lol

What I mean to say,  is that sometimes attaining one’s hair goals requires effort, attention,  and most of all — patience!

One step that can make this last virtue a little more attainable, is visual affirmation that you are doing something in the first place!

If you want length – take pics of your growth once a month

thickness? after changing up your regimen, document that too through photos.

This can be applied to whatever your hair goal (or concern) is.

One thing is for sure,

A picture is worth a thousand words.

If your feeling like you aren’t reaching your hair goals quick enough:

calm yourself, re-focus, and picture yourself prior to getting on a healthier hair path — Trust me, you are probably a lot better off now!

I flat-ironed my hair the other night, just to start documenting my progress. Some things I noticed were increased thickness, more length….and that I need to trim lol

Here’s a pic.


I also realized that I’m loving my color (I dyed my hair last summer) a lot more, now that it’s growing out. It has more of a high-lighted look.

All in all, I was pleased with my progress and I realized that tracking your hair journey usually encourages you to notice the positive changes in your hair transformation — especially when you know you’ve been putting in the extra effort.

:: Hope this helps ::


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