Off To The Salon

Yiping Lim - flickr

Yiping Lim/ flickr

This past year, I’ve been to the salon a total of 2 times. Once last December and then once this summer.

Needless to say, I’m not really big on salons. I’m not necessarily a hair snob, but I’ve been to TOO MANY SALONS where the stylists just don’t give a flying flip about your hair. I’m a student with tight pockets, so I usually don’t have the time or patience for it all.


Lately I’ve been really lazy with my hair. I just don’t feel like experimenting with styles, and I’m a little too content with my protective ‘do. With that being said, I’ve done a lot of research and decided to try out a salon in my area. It’s a rather small salon, but I’ve heard great things about the owner, their services and relationships they hold with their clientele.

So, I’ll be jumping on the train and checking out Dominican Essence (in Brooklyn) sometime later this week.

From what I’ve heard they are very affordable and the ladies there treat the customers like family. I’m really eager to get my “consultation” and more feedback on how I can up my hair care routine and kick up the volume on my look!

Stay tuned for the review and pics!!

And BTW,  At some point I’m looking to book an appointment at Anthony Dickey‘s salon in Manhattan. Yep, the “doctor” of curly haired girls himself!  This may take some time, but you best believe that I’m gonna try to work it out with my broke self!  lol

:: Grow on::


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