Smooth Sailing

flickr/ P.A.

flickr/ P.A.

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies!

I’ve just recently settled back in NY and I’m here to bring in the Fall with updates on my regimen and hair status. I’m almost one year in…. of being relaxer/chemical free!

This is definitely what I’d call the smooth sailing stage of my transition.

At this point, I really feel like I could do the big chop at any point….or really just transition forever!

For the first time in years, I’m consistently retaining length– and thus my hair is probably longer than its been in quite some time. I really believe the key to retaining growth in black hair (because black hair DOES GROW at the same rate as any other hair) is combating and/or preventing breakage and keeping one’s hair moisturized.

My regimen is really very simple, and I find that the less I do — the better!

The trickiest part in dealing with my hair now, is learning when I need protein and when I’ve had too much.

I use extra virgin coconut oil to seal my wet hair after every wash, so I find that I can’t do the protein deep conditioning treatments like I used to. The last time I used hair mayo it left my hair a little heavy and hard. This should never be the case right after a wash. To correct the moisture/protein balance in my hair, I used a moisture rich deep conditioner a couple of days later (Aussie Moist 3 min Miracle really is a miracle!)

I probably get the most questions from transitioners, so here are a few tips that help me when my hair isn’t “acting like itself”:

1. Try using a light moisturizing conditioner on your ends, if your hair is feeling a little dry. I tend to use Vo5 Moisture Milks since they smell great and they are very light and watery. This can be especially helpful in the fall/winter if you can’t wash or co-wash as often and don’t want to get your whole head wet throughout the week.

2. Another product that seems to be great for most textures – isn’t heavy or greasy- is Karen’s Body Beautiful hair milk. I love this stuff. Its great for hair “emergencies” when things get too dry or tangled. You can use this as a conditioner while washing (its great to detangle with) or you can even keep it or apply it on the hair as a daily leave-in. Matter a fact, since I’m back in NY, I’m going down to Karen’s shop to stock up!!

3. Try mixing oils. If you think you’re hair is a little protein sensitive, and your using something heavy in protein everyday or frequently, like coconut oil, mix it with another oil. Right now, I’m using a small spritz bottle of extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil mixed, just to change it up!

Now, as far as hair health and length updates, they will be coming soon! I’ll keep you guys posted, so hang tight.

:: Hope this helps ::


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