Diffuse Your Frizz

flickr/ Pensiero

flickr/ Pensiero

Its that time of the year- not too cold and not ridiculously hot.

But when the rain strikes, there seems to always be that warm, humid stickiness that destroys nearly every loose hairstyle… This is frizz creeping into the picture.

And frizz + curly/kinky hair usually = a nightmare.

So here’s a few tips for fighting off the poof-ball hairdo syndrome:

  • Start things off the right way: If you don’t have the time (or its getting to chilly outside to let your hair air dry) and you must use a blow-dryer, use a diffuser. This will significantly cut your drying time down (making the heat experience a less prolonged and damaging one to the hair). Also, make sure you don’t confuse a diffuser with a concentrator. A diffuser is better for curly hair since it evenly distributes heat, thus, combating frizz.  It’s also a  better option than the direct heat of a blow dryer without the diffuser attachment.
  • Use a cream, gel (or even serum) to give a bit of weight and hold to your curls or style. An alcohol-free preferably natural product would be the best way to go.
  • Just go the ultra-protective route, and hide your ends. I LOVE my Urban Outfitters slouch beanies. I can just smooth my edges down, slide on my hat and go!  This option will also give you a chance to give your hair a break. Less manipulation usually lessens your risk of breakage.

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2 Responses

  1. Curl-a-licious says:

    I would LOVE to see you use a diffuser! I’m so scared of using it becase I’m still getting use to the fact that I can do my hair by myself. [Im a big girl now!]
    Or a really good tutorial link, I’ve seen some but none with my hair, and your hair is the closest to my hair that I’ve seen, so I trust you more with styling. :]

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