A Low-Cost Alternative That’s Cozier

flickr/ House of Sims

flickr/ House of Sims

I never thought I’d describe myself as getting cozy while drying my hair.

I’d either anticipate cramped arms from using the blow-dryer forever (I have a lot of hair), or having to sit stiff-necked under the hooded dryer for hours.

Maybe I’m old school – or just late, but when I first saw the Gold N’ Hot Jet Bonnet Dryer attachment laying around in my friend’s place, I was a little skeptical. It looked kind of flimsy to me – like it wasn’t ready for my hair.

But after she emphasized the pros for me: she could move around with it on and even lie down (notice what excited me) I decided to give it a try.

Now, I’m not claiming this is an $11 alternative to the latest Pibbs (get real), but I was pretty pleased and surprised with my drying results after I tried a rollerset – The visual result turned out to be a HAM, but I can’t blame it on the dryer. My roller-setting skills that day were on E.

For one, the cap part fit comfortably over my head, even with those huge, gray magnetic rollers I had on.

Secondly, I didn’t think my hair would dry as thoroughly, but it actually dried quicker due to how close it was to my head.

To use it, you simply slide the end of the attachment on nearly any  sized hand-held dryer nozzle, and turn it on (to any heat setting you prefer – although this will, of course, affect your drying time).

Another great thing about the attachment, is that it won’t burn you from direct heat – the air from the dryer fills up the cap and only has small holes near the crown. It seems like most of the drying comes from indirect heat in my experience. While I did shift and twist the cap in different positions to help with equal heat distribution when I moved around too much, it was a much cozier and comfortable experience than other hair drying methods I’d tried.

To be fair and honest, I don’t use it that often because I usually air dry my hair, but when I do try rollersets, perm rod sets, and so forth – I’ll quickly opt for this, instead of the noisy hooded dryer.

Other favorable qualities:

  • it’s hand-washable
  • it deflates, and can be folded back into its small box for travel
  • a much better option (in my opinion) for doing a deep conditioning treatment, if you don’t feel like setting up a hooded dryer or staying still underneath one.

gold n hot jet bonnetYou might look crazy- and love it ;)

While I’m definitely not ditching my hooded dryer, I think this is a pretty good buy for 11 bucks, and allows for more comfort if you’re going to be drying for longer periods of time.

:: Hope this helps ::


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3 Responses

  1. kat says:

    Do you always have to have heat in order to get a proper deep condition?

    • blackstrands says:

      Plenty of people will just leave a deep conditioning product on their hair for a little longer, say 10-15 min while in the shower before washing it out (I do this quickie method sometimes with hair mayo).

      But I do think that extra heat gives you better results (hair feels more strengthened, soft or healthy), and allows the treatment to penetrate your hair better.

  2. wildchild453 says:

    I have a steamer and its the best thing I ever decided to get for my hair

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