Hair Mavens: Chrishell Stubbs

Chrishell 1

This hair maven’s mane is no joke. Chrishell Stubbs is originally from Turks and Caicos, and has graced the pages of Teen Vogue and modeled for Gap and Levi. I really couldn’t find that much info on her, so don’t for guilty for just gawking at her gorgeous hair – I left you no choice!

I love how versatile her hair is – looks like a curly 3c/4a type that kinks up when manipulated. And I know all about curls that go poof!

:: Enjoy ::

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One Response

  1. Jesse8793 says:

    She is everything I ‘ve ever sought in a woman… Kind of ridiculous to say, seeing how we’ve never met, but from the many photos and minute videos I’ve seen: That’s enough!

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