Productive Love – And Hate


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I’m not talking about a love-hate relationship with your hair, I’m talking about the struggle to find a product or technique that works for you!

Here’s some products and techniques I’ve come to love:

1. Pin-curling – this was a surprise, because I was always a ride or die wrap girl. After straightening my hair, I’d immediately feel the urge to wrap, then tie it up. But I recently tried pin curling and I liked it! My hair is really thick, so sometimes brushing and combing  just encourages it to poof up. The added bonus is more curl and body to your style.

2. I still love the good ole Creme of Nature shampoo. I don’t shampoo often (I usually wash with conditioner), but when I do – the smell actually calms me and it cleans my hair without stripping it.

3. Leaving some conditioner in my hair when I rinse. This gives more definition, shine and moisture to my curls. Please try it, if you don’t already.

Here’s some that truly irk me:

1. Parachute brand coconut oil –  I’d heard a lot of great things about what this brand does for your hair. BUT, to me it stinks to high heaven!! I’m a firm believer that I can find a pleasant smelling alternative to any product.  STANK products keep me awake at night. no thanks! lol

2. Ego Styler Gel – I actually thought I liked this at first, I even really wanted to like this brand (it’s cheaper than most). But after awhile I noticed that my hair wasn’t as shiny and that it was causing a lot of build-up and flaking. I’m back to using my first love, IC Fantasia olive oil gel.

The good news is that with practice or a tweak, some of the products or techniques you hate can woo you into giving them a second chance.You might learn to love them!

The harsh reality? Some things just aren’t for you. Whether it be because of your hair texture, type or the fact that certain products don’t take a liking to you hair – you may have to count it as a productive loss. You realize it aint working, but now you know to move on!

What are you loving or hating at the moment?

Are some of my loves on your hate list (or vice versa)? Please share!


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