Big Fat Healthy Hair

Ever heard that hair loves fat?

Think of hair mayo and oily/protein laden products that are often used in deep conditioning treatments.  It’s true that a lot of the time fat hair = healthy hair.

If only the rest of our body thrived on this notion.  ;>

An article at actually reveals some more news about fat and healthy hair (and skin). Apparently there’s an enzyme which synthesizes fat and could partially account for healthy, gorgeous locks. It seems that this enzyme renders plain ole’ fat into good fat for our bodies”

“The enzyme is acyl CoA:diacylglycerol acyltransferase 1 or DGAT1. Mice that lack DGAT1 have many interesting characteristics. For example, they are lean, resistant to diet-induced obesity, are more sensitive to insulin and leptin, and have abnormalities in mammary gland development and skin.

When Gladstone researchers in the laboratory of Robert V. Farese, Jr. used genetic engineering to delete the enzyme in mice, they found that lack of DGAT1 caused levels of retinoic acid (RA) to be greatly increased in skin and resulted in the loss of hair. Their findings were reported in The Journal of Biological Chemistry….

Our results show that DGAT1 is an important component for controlling retinoic acid levels in the skin of mice,” said Michelle Shih, the lead author on the study. “These findings may have implications for the treatment of human skin or hair disorders.

So if you’re stressing over extra pounds from the holidays, console yourself with news that at least some part of you could benefit from a fat fest…if you’ve got “the enzyme.”

I’m done. lol

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