Winter Evaluations: Change is Good

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Since I’ve only been natural for about 4 months, I was ill-prepared  for the next season as far as my hair regimen goes.

Not that I haven’t been scouring hair forums, blogs and the likes looong before I even decided to go natural – I definitely knew that I couldn’t do wash-n-go’s in the middle of the winter! I guess I was just expecting more time to  transition and wrap my head around styles that do not include washing/completely wetting my hair everyday.

But, alas, winter takes no hair prisoners. Cold or harsh weather will tear that head up if you aren’t prepared and willing to make necessary changes/tweaks to your warm weather regimen.

Believe it or not though, developing a winter regimen has actually been a great change in hindsight. It kicked my butt into gear, and helped me to step away from puffs everyday (yaaawn) and wash n go’s with a headband (snore). lol  –> Don’t worry, I still have love for those styles, but I was feeling kinda limited!

I have found a new love. Braid Outs!

In my previous post you will see my original technique, but since then I have really simplified things. My goal for the new year is to try to keep things simple. Low heat- low fuss- more length retention.

My current braid out is as simple as this:

I divide my hair in half and do 5 braids on each side using Lustrasilk Olive Oil Cholesterol (I can now vouch that this stuff is officially the truth, since I’ve been using it for a bit). I then seal my ends with Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.

No more perm rods, I just bend the ends under – sometimes I will use a bobby pin or two for braids that like to get crazy when I sleep. I just pin the braid under.

I still co-wash my hair, but only about 2 times a week. I always try to wash at night, seal with EVCO, then pat my hair dry. By morning my braids are usually dry enough to be unleashed – I haven’t done a puff since!

Change is Good.

Here are some pics of my current braid outs:

How have you ladies changed your regimen/styles during the colder months?

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4 Responses

  1. Alex says:

    yes…during the winter i try to stretch my hairstyles so that I don’t have to wash n go…before i go to bed at night i do twist outs…on a lazy night ill put my hair in a ponytail on top of my head and water spritz it in the morning. Might try some new things out…change is good!

  2. winter definitely kicks that butt into high gear, doesn’t it? before I was just pretty much doing wash and gos with a headband, but winter said hell no to that one. Not to mention, I kept getting single strand knots. Now, I always wash my hair and then twist it, either wet with blended beauty curl butter or dry with amla/olive heavy cream. Seems to work out well, I just spray everyday with some moisture and pat on evco at night. I only wear this around the house since I look like a lil kid in these twists, if i have somewhere to go then I take down for a twist out :)

    • blackstrands says:

      Yea I’ve noticed that I like drying my hair in styles that stretch my hair (it seems to prevent dried out ends and it stretches out tangles or knots).

      I hear you on the Qhemet heavy cream – I’ve ordered my Burdock Root Cream and I cant wait to try it on my braid outs!

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