Porous Hair Blues?

Dr. Sharon Pruitt/ flickr

Moisturized hair = strands that hold and retain the good stuff (water and other moisturizing agents).

Did you know that hair can hold up to 50% of its weight in water?? Little did I know, I was keeping my hair from being the beautiful, natural sponge that it is – by not being proactive. *cues violins*

Here’s my story:

For the last couple of months, my hair seemed sooo moisturized, shiny and soft in its natural state – but whenever I would straighten the last few inches of my hair would be frizzy and resisted all efforts of being smoothed.

I tried deep conditioning (protein treatments with heat) and ultra moisturizing products,before straightening. Since  moisturized hair is usually much easier to straighten, I couldn’t figure out for the life of me what was wrong. I knew my ends weren’t damaged, so I was racking my brain trying to figure out a logical hair solution.

Then the light bulb went off.

I hadn’t done an ACV (apple cider vinegar) rinse in…oh, about a couple months! My hair was too porous and I should have known better.

Some signs of porosity problems:

– moisturizing products don’t have the same effect b/c the moisture isn’t being retained  in your strands

hair that is noticeably more puffy, dry or frizzy (due to raised hair cuticles)

How did I rectify this?

1. I went back to doing ACV rinses every week. I fill a spray bottle with mostly water, then add some apple cider vinegar, then spray my scalp and pour the rest over the length of my hair (over bathtub). I leave it on for a few minutes, then wash out. I follow by conditioning as normal. This can be done in place if shampoo if you wish – shampoos can also leave buildup in hair! This also helps close your cuticles for smoother hair that is more manageable.

2. I used Porosity Control conditioner the first week to help balance my hair’s PH level. A bit of acidity helps hair that is too porous (hence adding normal ACV rinses to my regimen). You can get Roux Porosity Control online or at your local Sally’s.

Having hair that is too porous can cause lots of problems. Your fav products may not give you the results you expect and all your efforts to moisturize may be in vain – i.e. money and time down the drain!

I’m now happy to say that things are running much more smoothly on the homefront :)

:: hope this helps ::


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5 Responses

  1. Angel says:

    Thanks for this great tip.

  2. nika says:

    Awsome. I love that you went into details and stated exatly what downsides my hair is now expericencing. Great job. Thanks!

    P.s Can you do Acv rinses on hair that are in two strand twists?
    P.p.s How did you hair come out after flat ironing THIS time? ; )

    • blackstrands says:

      Hello Nika,

      I haven’t tried doing rinses with twists or braids in, but I have heard of other women doing so. I think the trick is using a spray bottle and mainly rinsing the scalp -so when you rinse with water you focus on the scalp, as well.

      And I’ve actually become a pressing convert. lol I still use my flat irons infrequently to style my already straightened hair – but I’ve found that I have a MUCH easier time getting my hair straight with a pressing comb. Should be doing a post on this soon.

  3. kathy says:

    This was very helpful, thank you!! I want to start doing an ACV rinse every week on my highly porous hair. Have you seen any damage with the ACV every week? I have heard that it can be drying and should only be done once a month. How much ACV are you using to water ratio?

    • blackstrands says:

      Hi Kathy,

      I actually do this once a month max now, basically on an as needed (or desired) basis. Also, I’m using an 80/20 water to ACV mix. I use MOSTLY ACV. Thanks for reading!

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