Special Delivery: Hana Elite Flat Iron

Jek in the Box/ flickr

I’ve been researching for quite awhile trying to find the best flat iron. For awhile I was eyeing the FHI Runway, but they pulled the iron from the market due to issues they were having with the iron’s cost vs. its durability.

After awhile I came across the Hana Elite Flat Iron which has gotten some pretty great reviews, has  100% ceramic plates (NOT just ceramic-coated plates  like many irons- which eventually wear off) and is over $200 cheaper than the Runway. hmph!

I received my package today, and so far I’m highly impressed with the customer service (I got mine from I was called upon putting in my order, my package came ridiculously fast, and I also received a letter from the seller along with gifts (outside of my order set, pictured below) thanking me for my business.

Silicone mat, case, heat protectant serum, hana elite iron, heat pouch

So far so good.

But, the true test will obviously come after I put the iron to the test. If all goes well and as expected, I’m selling my other flat irons (Sedu & FHI platform). I rarely go to the salon, so I’m really trying to build up my at-home arsenal so I’m never forced to go to the salon if I don’t want to. Hopefully this iron is all it claims to be, or its going back!

Stay tuned for my review and pics. Should be up by Tues or Wed.

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