Hair Over Time: My Natural Comparison Pics

Brandon Christopher Warren/ flickr

I’ll try to keep this short… Below are my wash and go comparisons, as well as straightened.

Natural: Day of Big Chop (beginning of October)

– dried at salon under hooded dryer

– stretched some when nearly dry with blowdryer and diffuser

– used Hair Rules Curly Whip

Natural: 4.5 Months later

– air dried

– Herbal Essence Long Term Relationship Leave-in & coconut oil

I didn’t straighten until a month after my big chop, so these straight comparison pics are over 3.5 months time.

Side Comparison:

Back Comparison:

Things are going along steadily, I’m pleased.

Lately I’ve been trying different methods to stretch my hair before flat ironing: ponytail rollersetting (will do a post on this later), and this time I air dried overnight in braids then lightly pressed with a traditional stove top hot comb (very light, like a straight afro) – followed by flat ironing.

I think I’m going to do a light trim/dusting in a few days. I’m not far from, if not at the length I was at before I did the chop….things should only get better from here.


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  1. Jay says:

    Did your hair texture change any when you straightened your hair? I have been completely natural since August 2008 and I have recently pondered on the idea of blowing out and flat ironing my hair. However, several friends, including my hairstylist says that my natural texture will change after this process is done… I love your hair, and just wondering did you notice any changes to your kinks?


    • blackstrands says:

      Hello Jay,

      It is very possible to loose some curl definition (or even all of it, due to heat damage) – so I recommend that anyone be very careful when heat straightening.
      However, if you take all the right precautions: make sure your appliance is not too hot, use a good heat protectant and try not to straighten too frequently – I believe its okay to use heat.

      Before I used my new flat iron, I also tested it on a section of my hair. I straightened the section then washed/wet that area to make sure my curls reverted back.

      Also, as the hair grows, I believe the curl pattern can change a bit due to the weight of more hair elongating the curl. I actually prefer some heat in moderation – b/c I think my hair is less likely to curl around it self (knot or tangle together causing splits- which, for me, tends to be harder to pin point when my hair is curly/kinky). I can also better judge if my hair is lacking moisture or protein on how it “behaves” or looks when straight.

      With that said – my max is direct heat 1x a month.

      Hope this helps!

  2. Moptop Maven says:

    You have made wonderful progress!!! Your hair looks lovely, Kudos to you :-0

  3. caligirl2385 says:

    wow!! has your hair always grown sooo fast?

    • blackstrands says:


      My hair has always had it’s spurts over the years, but it would only get so long before breaking off (I was relaxed for years and prob doing the WRONG things to retain length).

      I really wish I started tracking/documenting my growth a LONG time ago though. It helps you stay on track and focused… plus you’re a lot more aware if you are doing the right or wrong things for your hair.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I love those chunky curls. They’re gorgeous!

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