Reviews: Hana Elite Flat Iron

bloomsberries/ flickr

My verdict on the Hana Elite 1″ iron…

Grade : A –


– lightweight iron; easy to do styles like  flips, curls, spirals, etc

– adjustable heat setting; heats quickly

– NO smoky or burning smell even on high settings (I ironed on about 370-375 degrees)

– straightens hair and gives it a silky/shiny finish. With previous irons, I would could get very straight hair (FHI platform) but not as much shine and swing.

– You can hold onto the plates; ample covering. With my Sedu, for instance, I would nearly burn my fingers when I wanted to hold the plates to style, because of the thin casing that enclosed the plates.

– 100% ceramic plates; important because you don’t have to worry about ceramic coating that eventually wears off – this could create “hot spots” that could fry/burn your hair.

– Two year warranty

Possible Drawback:

– Kind of pricey, but I think its worth it, considering the price of some other 100% ceramic irons on the market (i.e. like the FHI Runway)

Overall Opinion:

Worth the money because of the results, ease in straightening (took me 45  mins, instead of the normal 1.5 hrs) and added protection of 100% ceramic plates. I didn’t give it an A or A+ because I haven’t tried other irons that are comparable models of the Hana Elite.  Currently, this iron beats out the others in my possession. I’m very pleased with the results :)

Results/ Pics – taken same time as my hair comparison pics – all done with the Hana Elite :)


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2 Responses

  1. Anya87 says:

    Wow, your hair looks incredibly shiny and glossy. I am natural as well and flat ironed my hair at the 9 month bench mark and it was nowhere near this shiny. That is close to salon standards! Simply Beautiful hair! I read tips that said not to put any oil or leave in creams in my hair because it could cause the flat iron to steam and essentially cook my hair. I put in a heat protect ant and let it dry first. Did you add something to give your hair that glossy look or is it just your skills with the flat iron?

    • blackstrands says:

      Hi Anya,

      Thanks! I use a heat protectant serum (different ones) before I blow dry and sometimes I put a little more through my hair before I flat iron.
      They tend to give the hair a glossy look too.

      Overall though, I use coconut oil consistently – so I think that helps give the hair a consistent natural shine/sheen. And yes, AFTER you flat iron its definitely okay to put a little coconut oil or olive oil through the hair and on the ends to keep frizz away.

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