A Pleasant Surprise: EZ Combs

I randomly saw an EZ Combs 2-set on sale while shopping a week ago, and I figured – why not??

I have tons of headbands, ponytail holders, clips and clamps…the list goes on, so this couldn’t hurt. I’m always trying to do a different take on hairstyles.

After I tried it for the first time, I was pleasantly surprised. I could FINALLY get my hair into a ponytail without my layered curls in the front popping back up! I have been trying about a zillion different ways to get my protective updo to lay down when my hair is in it’s natural state, but I would have to use bobby pins or clips which annoyed me and ruined the whole point of having a sleek and quick go-to hairstyle.

Well, this was the answer!

I highly recommend this to any recent big choppers, or ladies who have natural, layered hair. When my hair is straightened, a quick ponytail or updo is no problem – but hair that is not all one length can be hard to just smooth back when curly/kinky.

Luckily my random purchase turned out to be a winner :)

What I like about the EZ comb:

– You can stretch it to hold just about any hair style – It’s also great for ladies with thick hair.

– The combs don’t pull out or snag hair when your take them out. (Be careful though not to get hair tangled in the beaded elastic bands)

– It’s cute, but really not that noticeable of a hair accessory, so you can wear it with just about anything. The combs come in different colors too (I have black and tan).

** Quick Note: This is also comparable to Hairzings – just never tried them to vouch for the brand**

All I have to say is, thank goodness a quick pony is now an option. lol

I love braid-outs, but this really helps me to do quick styles that don’t require night/prior preparation.

Here are some pics of 2 styles I’ve done over the last week (variation of pony – half up wash&go):

* My pony is kind of dry and frizzy (time to wash), but I was just happy to do one, so I had to document it  lol

:: hope this helps ::


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2 Responses

  1. Danyelle says:

    Pretty, I’ve seen those in stores…. maybe i’ll get one next time?

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