My Transition Story on Curly Nikki

the style that got me through my transition

Just wanted to send a shout out and thanks over to  :)

My transition story was featured there today – Nikki is doing big things, so you should visit for yourself to see (if you haven’t already)!

click HERE to read my story.

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Quick How-To: Ponytail Roller Set

MissTessmacher/ flickr

I said I would share my ponytail roller set experience, so here goes. I did this a couple months ago, and have been  planning to post the results for awhile ever.

This is basically a low-heat method to get your hair straight or stretched. It’s also great for naturals or transitioners because it’s quicker and easier than a traditional roller set – plus, the ponytails allow for more ease with straightening roots.


– Cleansed hair with Apple Cider Vinegar & Water mix
– Conditioned with Giovanni Smooth as Silk conditioner

Roller Set How -To & Pics:

1.  I did 4 ponytails down the middle (mohawk style) then 4 on each side. Used black satin pontytail holders that don’t pull out/snag  hair.

2.  I used a spray bottle of water and HE Long Term Relationship Leave-In to “set” my hair. I sprayed each section before rolling, to make sure it was soaking wet, easier to roll and less prone to frizz while drying.

3.  Use a fine tooth comb to help comb detangled length and ends over roller. Make sure to keep the roller pulled taut, since this aids in the straightening process!

** I wouldn’t recommend the pins I used in the pics below! They weren’t bad or anything, but I  made do with them. I much prefer the ones I have now – duckbill clips. These are the standard clips most sane people use while roller setting. **

** I used medium sized rollers to set each ponytail firmly in places (with pins) – You may need larger or smaller rollers depending on length of hair: longer hair = larger rollers; shorter hair = smaller rollers **

4.   Sat under dryer until hair was completely dry.

5.   Lightly flat ironed each ponytail section with Sedu on low setting – *could have done without this step – next time, I’ll cut out the flat iron entirely to see results.

6.   Saran wrapped hair and sat under dryer for 15 min – this takes some of the “bulk” or weight out of your hair, if you want a silky-straighter look.

The whole sectioning/ponytail and roller setting process (minus the time under dryer) only took about an hour. Also, this was my first time trying a roller set this way – It wasn’t perfect, but it was surprisingly nice!  I intend to get faster with practice.

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Long Term Relationship Leave-In

ah zut/ flickr

I think I’m in love :)

I waited a while to do a post on this, because I wanted to use LTR leave-in for awhile – plus, I knew it wasn’t an all natural (or even a semi-natural) product. I didn’t want to vouch for a temporary moisturizer that eventually dries your hair out.

I found out this wasn’t the case at all.

For me, this leave-in has served its purpose — then some.

It’s a great “base” product after you’ve washed, and before  you add your normal styling product to define/hold curls.

I’ve added this to my regimen actually: I wash/condition, moisturize with LTR leave-in, seal with coconut oil – then styles as desired.

It comes in a little pump bottle, is the consistency of lotion, smells great, and leaves my hair soft EVERY TIME. It’s imperative to find a great light, leave-in to use under styling products like gel (mousse, pomades, etc) to keep your hair from hardening or drying out!

This isn’t a natural/organic product, but I find that just like the Hello Hydration conditioner, my hair loves this Herbal Essence product too! I’ve also tried the Long Term Relationship conditioner and its pretty nice as well (although I prefer Hello Hydration).

I’ve also used this leave-in (mixed in a spray bottle with water), to do ponytail roller sets when I want to straighten without direct heat/ flat irons.

I sprayed each section with the mix, rolled my hair, got under the hooded dryer, and the LTR  leave-in left my straightened hair soft and smelling awesome — as usual!

I’ll be sharing the results of my ponytail roller set soon – did it a couple months ago and intend to try it again in the near future.

In the meantime, I definitely give this product the thumbs up.

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