Located: Natural Hair Stylist

Since starting a new job, my regimen has been straightforward to say the least.

For most of April and May, there was hardly no braidouts, a lot of wash and gos (since the weather permitted) and I was loving on my EZcombs <3 (my glorified curly pony).

I was feeling the need for a change, but the effort  just wasn’t in me to make one. lol

LUCKILY, I happened to spot a young lady one day with flowing, thick healthy tresses and asked her who her stylist was. Guess what?  I found out that, not only was she natural – but so was her stylist.

Needless to say, I immediately set up my own appointment – and the rest is history.  I later found out that my stylist has quite a number of natural (and relaxed) clientele.

The last time I went to a salon, was when I got my hair cut (the big chop) by Anthony Dickey. So obviously my salon visits have been infrequent but well worth it when I finally do decide to go. I may even stop in her shop to get some natural styles that I have no patience for.

Here are some pics – I got a blow-out and silk press. I also got a full trim…because it was time for one :-O

My hair actually seemed to grow at a record pace in just a month’s time. And this is after I got a full trim. I just wish I was able to get some pics of my hair pre-cut.

So, either my hair was really loving me leaving it alone or I was going through a summer growth spurt… Possibly both? Either way, I hope things continue to progress smoothly.

BTW: Do you guys notice the touch of red from the henna treatment I did about a month ago? You can kinda see it in the last pic – faint, but there nonetheless.

For ladies in the Hampton Roads, VA area:

Salon Boio

The salon is in Norfolk, VA off Military Hwy

Turn into the shopping center on Hoggard Road (directly behind Boston Market)

Stylist: Shavon Boughton    contact: 757.322.0224     email:


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5 Responses

  1. T. Love says:

    I just read your entry regarding the natural hairstylist in the Norfolk/Va Beach area. What is the new address and/or phone number? I’m transitioning and would love to schedule an appointment. Thank you:)

  2. wow ! finally someone thats natural in hampton roads! this is sooo helpful i been looking for someone to do my big chop!

    • blackstrands says:

      I feel your pain! when I left NY, I wasn’t sure where to go, when I didn’t feel like doing my hair myself.

      She’s great, but make sure you schedule well in advance. She’s popular and books fast!!

  3. Chelsea Blair says:

    I’m attempting to go natural and find it quite hard to maintain. I need a hairstylist that will treat my hair and get it back to normal. I’ve also experienced a little breakage along my hairline, so I need SPECIAL attention. I would love to meet you so that we can tackle this mess lol…:)

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