Quick Conditioning: Treatments on Dry Hair

Clean-Walmart/ flickr

We know curly/kinky hair loves moisture – but wetting your hair doesn’t necessarily have to be a first step for deep conditioning treatments.

Next time you do a DC treatment, use your normal product but apply it on dry hair.

Of course, this works better on clarified/shampooed hair, but who says we’re talking about a full-out hair day?

If you are looking for a quickie conditioning method, condition dry hair (add a natural oil of choice  if you like), put on a shower cap, then head to bed or get back to the task at-hand. Sit under the dryer if you wish, and wash out when ready.

If you’ve clarified or shampoo’d within the last 7 days or so- this could be a quick pick-me-up for your hair in the middle of the week. I’ve tried it before, and my hair came out moisturized and ultra soft. I read about this tip on various hair boards, and wish I had tried it sooner!

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