Bunned Up: Curly Meets Sleek

I’m a fan of buns.

Doesn’t matter if they’re messy, sleek, high, tousled or carefree – I’m for them, and am always trying to figure out how to do (or tweak) these styles to my liking. Whether kinky, curly or straightened, buns are the perfect summer style to have a little fun with.

I’ve done a post on how they are great protective styles (to defend your ends from breakage or harsh weather), but this post is strictly for the hell of it. Strictly for bun lovers.

Here’s youtube video I liked by NaturalManeNYC – kind of looks like a play on the Southern Tease bun, but with the help of a scrunchie (possibly for hold and volume?). I’ll definitely be trying this out too.


My hair has grown out quite a bit, so as my layers are annoying me less and less – I’ve been rocking different pony and bun styles.

Here’s an awesome pic of a bun style on textured hair – an idea for naturals that may want a non-sleek bun option.


Are you bunned up? Share your favorite bun styles and I can post them up in a segment. Send your pics to


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3 Responses

  1. cool ideas; I can’t wait for my hair to be long enough to bun. And thanks for the photo of Chrishell, I’d never seen her and she is GORGEOUS.

  2. Connie says:

    I agree with you completely about buns. When you see models in runway shows, at least 80% of them seem to have their hair pulled back into buns because that way you can really focus on the beauty of the woman (and her clothing, of course). I think it’s a gorgeous, womanly, classy style and so perfect if growing your hair (and retaining that growth) is your goal.

    My hair is really thick and healthier-looking now that I’m on the bun bandwagon :)

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