Chrishell Stubbs update

She’s all grown up!

Okay, it hasn’t been THAT long since we’ve posted on up-and-comer Chrishell Stubbs, but I figured it was fitting to have an update on her career, since she’s been seen in quite a number of shows and ad campaigns since our last hair mavens post.

At the time, I couldn’t find that much info on her…just picture after picture of FAB hair. But here’s an interview VOGUE Black snagged with the model. I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of Stubbs in the future.


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Marsha Madeover


I LOVED Floetry (especially their live album I have), so consequently, I have a warm place in my heart for Marsha Ambrosius. BUT have you seen her new look after hitting the scenes as a solo artist? Loving her hair and it looks like she amped up her diet/fitness routine and wardrobe. NOT MAD AT YA.

BTW, did anyone catch her performance with Jill Scott, Ledisi, and Kelly Price for BET’s  Black Girls Rock? They loved on that song. Their “Four Women” performance is below, in case you’d like to relive the moment.

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Hair Aisles of Yesteryear



What do you think will happen to the “ethnic hair aisle”? Will it die off or eventually evolve? And if it does evolve, will we have any real use for it?

I may look, but I usually don’t touch/buy anything from the aisle. I’m using scouring the natural product section in Target (where I still flip products over to read the ingredients list).

Clearly someone is still buying the products, and I don’t necessarily think there’s anything wrong with that – Do what works for you. But there is obviously an increase of women venturing off in search of products that cater to their hair type (curly, straight) or concerns (dry, damaged, oily, etc), rather than products “made for black folk.”

I’ve already seen a number of established “ethnic” hair brands catering more towards people who want natural products, whether the products are actually “natural” is another story, but do you think the ethnic aisle is a mainstay or a once-upon-a-time marketing ploy in the making?

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