What’s in store

Hello Loves!

I’m very excited to announce some news on what’s in store for BLACKSTRANDS.

No worries! There will still be natural hair care advice and pics for you to ogle, but there will also be another element – which, for me, was the final piece to the puzzle.

As I’m a staff writer/journalist by day,  I wanted to have content on the site that was relevant to my everyday life, and also offered something that I feel is missing from the blogosphere. Don’t want to go into too many details, as this is still in the works, but be on the look out for some fresh content!

I’m planning to produce 2-3 scheduled posts per week – not including miscellaneous ones for fun ;>

In the meantime, I wanted to post a little update of my own hair….I’m auburn!


Of course, I’m still relaxer free and my hair is getting pretty long (time for length updates). The highlights were done at the salon I mentioned in a previous post. I left the salon with just a blow-dry, to get a much needed trim. Look out for more pics in various styles :)

Hold tight, there’s more in store!


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