Industry Peek

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Makeup and mags.

The industries are forever mingling, so it’s only fitting when those clever publishing and retail execs pull together to expand their relationships (i.e. sales).

What am I referring to, exactly?

Apparently, you’ll be able to get some affirmation on your latest beauty purchase, when shopping in Ulta. And we aren’t talking about the lady standing next to you on the shampoo aisle – more like Vogue.

Condé Nast and  Ulta are teaming up for the publishing company to sell subscriptions  and single copies of  Allure and Glamour, according to a report from AdWeek. Eventually, the deal could expand to include other publications under Condé Nast, like Vogue and Vanity Fair.

Prior to the deal, Ulta sold InStyle, a Time Inc. pub, in its stores.

Would you prefer to scour through magazines while beauty shopping at Ulta? Or are you content doing that at your local pharmacy?


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2 Responses

  1. That’s pretty cool that you can pick up a subscription, because a lot of people don’t feel like the hassle of paying through the mail or online. This is much easier, and you can potentially save tons of money. I have some 12 month subscriptions for as little as $8. I don’t like Ulta though. You know I’m a Sephora fanatic.

    • blackstrands says:

      I agree – it’s a great idea. I’m am, however, torn regarding Sephora vs. Ulta. I LOVE Sephora, but I find that some of them are often TOO busy (i.e. no one to help if you need it), while Ulta’s a bit more relaxing.Probably depends on the location though.

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